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The Flipping Team

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Generally, investors return to real estate after everything else fails. As we all know, the market is up one day and down the next. As always, investing involves risk. If you are considering purchasing real estate to live in or to invest in, you need to work with a team that will help you minimize your risk and make you comfortable in the real estate buying/selling process.

Please, consider sitting down with us and telling us about your desires and your real estate needs. To advise you best, we need to understand your expectations, so we can map out a plan of action.

Backing us up is an experienced team of lenders, contactors, attorneys, agents and others with a background in home repairs and inspections, finance, law, tax planning, and real estate (both selling and buying).

Flipping: The process of searching and purchasing a house or other real estate with the intent of placing the parcel back on the market within a short period of time for profit.

If you are looking to purchase so you can fix up and flip the property, then you have come to the right place. We are the flipping team. We have people in place to recommend. You don't have to use our people, but they are ready and willing to help, so please consider them your partners. Click Here to see who is on the team and waiting to assist.